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Introducing HYT Watches


Starting a rebellion against traditional watchmaking techniques, HYT  fight for a design that defies the limitations of how time is currently read. Inspired by the fluidity of time, the innovative brand move away from the classic needle-sharp hands and bold digital displays making a statement since 2012. Their aim was to visibly connect the past, present and future by combining highly advanced technology and the philosophical concept of time’s fluidity. HYT introduce an incredible way to show the passage of time – liquids.


Looking back 3400 years ago, to the forgotten, ancient technique of measuring time gone by, a simple device called water clocks that transferred H20 from one container to another. HYT re-imagine the visual technique for a contemporary audience with the help of science and ultra sophisticated technology. Their wristwatch designs include a patented fluidic module to document the passage of time. The coloured liquid indicates the recent past, the transparent fluid presents the not so far off future and their meeting point is the now.


The colourful, avant garde pieces blend scientific methods, advanced technology, philosophy, art and design to invent bold, modern pieces influenced by the past. Located in Neuchatel, Switzerland, their highly skilled team have created a mechanical movement that is the trigger for the liquid propulsion successfully balancing tradition with a glimpse of the future.




But how does liquid timekeeping work? The two flexible reservoirs at 6 o’clock – also known as bellows - have a capillary attached at each end. One contains the coloured fluid and the other features the transparent liquid, which are kept apart by the repulsion force of the molecules in each fluid. The system operates via a piston that activates the left bellow, which compresses making the second expand resulting in the liquids moving every hour. The meeting point of the fluids indicates the hour. At 6 o’clock the coloured liquid retreats to it’s starting point, which is known as a ‘rewind.’


The newest brand to join Jura is incredibly unique, presenting the passage of time in a completely original, radical way. A rebirth of a concept that has been forgotten over the centuries yet imagined in a totally new design.

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