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Breitling Chronoscope Evo Night Mission Watch Review


At first glance the Breitling Chronoscope Evo Night Mission is undoubtedly mesmerising with the stunning dial framed by the sturdy, lightweight titanium case. In fact, after studying the instrument closely the wearer will only become more infatuated with the Breitling timepiece; a brand that never fails to disappoint with their powerful representation of timekeeping for the professionals. 


The silky midnight blue dial hosts the large square numerals and strong hands that welcome the luminescent coating. The white and grey features leap from the dial to provide clear legibility, which is fundamental to the brand. The black satin-brushed titanium case features a unidirectional bezel that guarantees an excellent grip due to their signature rider tabs. The robust yet lightweight case is water resistant to 100 m and has a screw-lock crown for extra protection. 




Breitling pride themselves on their accuracy, reliability and precision for pilots and adventurers. The Chronospace Evo Night Mission is no exception housing a SuperQuartz  movement that is ten times more accurate than the standard quartz. The caliber 73 includes a number of functions that benefit pilots. Firstly, the split-seconds function with an additional central hand measures intermediate times and secondly the fast timezone adjustment guarantees uninterrupted precision of the minutes and seconds displays. 



A fearless, sporty contender that will leap from your wrist providing the utmost accuracy. This masculine, durable instrument is exceptionally crafted for the avid traveller. 


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