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DOXA Joins Jura Watches


We would like to introduce the newest member of the Jura Watch family - the longstanding luxury watch brand, Doxa. Born in the Jura Hills of Switzerland, DOXA has survived 127 years in the industry due to sheer hard work, persistence and innovative ideals. With a strong identity and a forward thinking collection we are thrilled to embark on this new collaboration. 


The tremendous journey began in 1889 with entrepreneur Georges Ducommun who at the young age of 20 set up a watch repair service, which flourished at the site now hosting the Le Locle’s horological museum (Chateau des Monts). His drive to succeed led to many great achievements in those early years with Ducommun developing a watch movement that had a power reserve of 8 days. The racing car brand, Bugatti championed his findings creating a successful partnership. 




A symbolic achievement in the DOXA brands history is the launch of the DOXA SUB. Recognising that the diving sport has grown into a recreational activity adored by many, the innovative brand set to design an exceptional watch for diving enthusiasts worldwide. With Jacques Cousteau (undersea explorer) and US Divers Company on board, the DOXA SUB was born; the first professional grade dive watch reaching a wide market that the general public had access to - another memorable moment in DOXA's heritage. 


The distinctive orange hue witnessed throughout the SUB collection allowed for the design to standout from rivals. The thought process behind the colour choice derived from extensive testing that revealed the bright orange was most visible when submerged; legibility underwater is vital for divers that DOXA truly appreciates. 


The quartz revolution of the 1970s, left the SUB in temporarily in the past, until the revival in 2002 that marked the 75th anniversary. Since, the divers watch has evolved becoming an iconic piece that is very much alive today! 


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