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Casio Smartwatch Review

Casio Androidwear Smart Outdoor Watch WSD-F10

The great outdoors is loved by most whether it means enjoying long country walks at the weekends or competitively climbing a mountain. Getting away from the stress of the hectic city and truly capturing the beauty of nature is an activity that is most people’s treasured weekend treat. Leaving technology at home is somewhat of a pleasure yet for those who take their outdoor activities to a higher level than an afternoon stroll may need assistance to monitor daylight, speed or temperature. Casio have tapped into a niche that has yet to be explored by the smartwatch trend - until now!!!


Casio has launched a smartwatch that caters for the adventurers amongst us. The robust timepiece is water resistant to 50m and is fitted with sensors to measure altitude, air pressure, compass direction, tide graphs, sunrise and sunset times. The invention has a battery life of one day yet when in time-only, low power mode extends the life to one month. A watch that appeals to those who need a smartwatch for their active everyday life. The pre-installed software includes a navigation app entitled View Ranger, a weather app (My Radar) and a personal performance monitor that is able to track altitude, speed, distance and activity time. 


The WSDF10 has an aesthetic that would definitely appeal to the outdoor enthusiast. The oversized watch provides a rugged, strong appearance in comparison to its rivals, which is enhanced by the thickness of the charcoal or orange case. The overall design is masculine yet slick with a clear digital display.  



Are you ready to unleash the inner adventurer with Casio?? The outdoors certainly does seem appealing to me!! 

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