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A Year Gone By

Frederique Constant Watch Horological Smartwatch FC-285V5B4

Reflecting on the past year is a natural process as the New Year begins. Analysing the 12 months with a fine tooth comb feeling proud of your accomplishments and sadness for losses and regrets is common. The Bucherer Watch Award 2015 is based on the same principle of evaluating the technical genius of the years watches and awarding excellence with the title. Frederique Constant received the Bucherer Watch Award 2015 for the creation of the Horological Smartwatch; a timepiece hailed as most representative of the year through watchmaking know-how and excellence. Congratulations!!!!!!


Maison Bucherer organises the competition at the Parisian Boutique; a store dedicated to exquisite timepieces - an ideal fit equipped to dealing with such a decision made by the public. The voting process is open to watch enthusiasts for three weeks to decide which timepiece is the most innovative, technical and elegant amongst a collection of 32 watches selected by watchmaking professionals. 


Jean-Jaques Weber, the exclusive distributor of Frederique Constant in France states: “I am very glad and proud that Frederique Constant has won the Bucherer Watch Award. This victory consecrates “the Frederique Constant attitude”. The Horological Smartwatch powered by MotionX® by Frederique Constant is the first Swiss Made connected watch to have ever been marketed. Even to this very day, it is the only one that can be delivered. In the same way that Frederique Constant has been developing its own manufacture calibers since 2004, the brand has managed to invest some time on the new Smartwatch market segment.”


Frederique Constant Watch Horological Smartwatch FC-285V5B4


The well deserved award celebrates Frederique Constant’s attitude to watchmaking and their ability to infuse tradition with contemporary innovation. The forward thinking brand continue to develop their award winning formula with a progression of the Horological Smartwatch for 2016, which we have been given an exclusive sneak preview of! Ssshhhhh, don’t tell anyone……………



Follow The Butcherer Award’s footsteps and concentrate on the good parts of 2015!! Move forward with positivity and pride as Frederique Constant are proceeding to do!! 

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