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Corum Heritage Bubble Watch Review

Corum Watch Bubble Heritage Limited Edition L082/02587 082.300.98/0061 FN30 Warranty

What is the fascination with bubbles? A sphere of soapy water that brings giddy excitement from all ages is phenomenal. Is it their short existence? The beautiful colours they encapture? or the varying sizes produced that are gone in an instant bringing out the kids trapped inside us; the eagerness to pop each one as fast as humanly possible. Well, you can imagine our excitement with the arrival of Corum and their heritage bubble watches. Our bubble still hasn’t burst!!!


Corum Watch Bubble Heritage Limited Edition L082/02424 - 082.301.98/0062 FG30


The creative timepieces have earned their title with the impressively domed sapphire crystal that gives the illusion of - you guessed it - a bubble!! The invention was launched back in 2000 and made a glorious return in 2015. The influence continues onto the dial with bubble style hands, numbers and hour markers that provide a fun, cartoonish element to the timepiece. The rounded edges compliment the doomed glass and oversized circular shaped case ensuring that all features are well thought out and work in harmony together. The Limited Edition Heritage design is available in an exquisite bronze or futuristic black. 


Corum Watch Bubble Heritage L082/02595 082.400.20/0019 SQ19


Alternatively, peer through the thick doomed glass at the skeleton dial of the third member of the new age bubble watch. The exposure of the mechanics provide a new dimension showcasing the intricate detailing of the craftsmanship of Corum. The silver colouring paired with an alligator strap brings a slightly more sophisticated design to the table. The hint of gold, blue and pink compliment the aesthetic perfectly. 

Which watch is your favourite??  

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