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Tissot T-Race MOTOGP 2015 Automatic Chronograph Watch Review

Tissot Watch T-Race MotoGP Chronograph Automatic 2015 Limited Edition T0924272706100

by Angus Davies,


My teenage son has voiced a desire to own a motorcycle and, to be honest, I am petrified at the prospect. I cannot think of anything worse than allowing your beloved, perfectly formed and healthy child to hurtle down a busy highway on two wheels. 


The prospect of racing at break-neck speed on a motorcycle in close proximity to other adrenaline-fuelled competitors ramps up the danger element still further. However, this is the world of MOTOGP™ where riders vie for supremacy, leaning into corners, only centimetres from the ground. 


I respect sportsmen who are willing to ‘put everything on the line’ for championship glory, but in this instance I have no compunction to join them. 


Nevertheless, I do appreciate this limited edition watch produced by Tissot, created to celebrate the Swiss watch brand’s long association with MOTOGP™. This automatic watch exudes virility from each surface of its 45mm case. The widespread use of black, red and anthracite tones is both en vogue and congruent with a watch inspired by red-blooded rivalry. 


The racing credentials of this timepiece are bolstered with the inclusion of a chronograph. Indeed, Tissot has cleverly taken inspiration from racing motorcycles and referenced these with the styling of the T-Race MOTOGP 2015 Automatic Chronograph to produce an interesting, yet resolved, aesthetic. 


I am mindful that I have said this before but once again, I have to mention the industrial prowess of Tissot’s parent company, the Swatch Group. This limited edition watch is a perfect example of a watch that delivers incredible value for money with little evidence of cost cutting. Indeed, with a retail price of £880.00 (RRP as at 1.8.2015), Tissot demonstrates there is no need to compromise when purchasing an affordable timepiece.

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