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Breitling Exospace B55 Connected Watch Review

Breitling ExoSpace B55 Connected

A connection can be described as a link or bond to a person or thing thus forming a strong relationship. The actual connection is invisible to the naked eye yet felt through chemistry, words or in Breitling’s (black titanium case) Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE); a technical bond that allows for chronographs to sync with smartphones for a connection that has made an innovative impression on the watchmaking industry. Launching the avant-garde Exospace B55 Connected chronograph, Breitling has joined the battle once again for the most sophisticated, smartwatch available. 


The futuristic instrument hosts an exclusive SuperQuartz movement with features tailor-made for pilots. The purpose of the connection is to enhance the functionality of the owner’s smartphone with the new Breitling device. The user is able to use their phone to make certain adjustments, to download results of measurements and receive notifications. Other features include; analog and 12/24 hr LCS digital display, a digital, perpetual calendar, countdown timer, seven daily alarms, UTC world time and a countdown/countup clock plus recording up to 50 intermediate times, installation of a lap timer and a chrono flight aeronautical system. 

Breitling Exospace B55 Connected


Breitling has succesfully designed a powerfully, fierce chronograph via a bold, strong aesthetic. The oversized dial enhanced by the functional unidirectional bezel (with rider tabs used as reference points to mark a significant time) gives a masculine overall appearance. Peer through the sapphire crystal glare proofed glass to admire the stylish dial that uses subtle shades and experimental sizing to achieve a powerful vision. The rubber strap is available in a vivid blue, subtle grey or classic black to dramatically change the appearance of the instrument and appealing to a variety of individuals. 


Breitling Exospace B55 Connected


Did you get an instant connection with the Breitling Exospace B55 on first sight?? We certainly did!!! Stay tuned for the timepiece to be available at Jura Watches!!! 

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