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Luxury for Less: Part 2

Are you sat wishing you could treat your loved one to a luxury timepiece this festive season but can’t quite stretch to the four figure sum that keeps appearing when you click on a watch you know he will definitely like? Don’t panic, we’ve seen this familiar scenario before and it’s about time we let you into a little secret. Come a little closer, we have a selection of exquisite, luxurious watches for much, much less than you are expecting. Shocked? Take a look for yourself!  


Just for you we’ve collected a range of stunning timepieces under £700 to demonstrate that exquisite timekeepers are affordable gifts this Christmas!! Yes, you heard it here first!!! Order before 4pm tomorrow to receive your watch in time for Christmas day!!!!!! Perfect!!!


ThLongines Watch Conquest Mens L3.659.4.76.6e Adventurer: Longines Watch Conquest Mens 


For guys who appreciate sporting elegance this exquisite Longines watch is ideal. The infusion of timeless glamour with technical features that provide exceptional performance will appeal to the adventurer in your Christmas list. 


Specifications: fixed bezel, steel bracelet, steel casing, 41mm diameter, silver dial, quartz movement, 300M water resistance. 


Price: £480


Maurice Lacroix Watch Eliros Gents EL1087-SS001-810


The Businessman: Maurice Lacroix Watch Eliros Gents 


Treat your businessman to a modern timepiece that is nostalgic for the tradition of timekeeping. The stylish grey dial provides a slick element to the watch complimented by the white roman numerals and black leather strap. 


Specifications: fixed bezel, leather strap, steel case, 38mm diameter, date display, grey dial, quartz movement, 50M water resistance. 


Price: £445



TCertina Watch DS-4 Big Size Quartz C022.610.16.031.01he Tech Geek: Certina Watch DS-4 Big Size Quartz


The Certina timepiece is for a guy who loves advancements in technology and what that brings to watchmaking. The quartz models have the ability to showcase advance technology with exclusive design, robustness, flexibility and reliability at such an affordable price.


Specifications: fixe bezel, leather strap, steel case, 40mm diameter, date display, silver dial, quartz movement, 100M water resistance. 


Price: £290


Tissot Watch Quickster T0954171603700

The Style Connoisseur: Tissot Watch Quickster


For the stylist amongst your Christmas list the Tissot Quickster will certainly meet their expectations. The monochrome look will fit into their wardrobe seamlessly providing the ultimate watch to accessorise with. 


Specifications: fixed bezel, leather strap, steel case, 42mm diameter, white dial, chronograph, 30M water resistance. 


Price: £270

What are you waiting for? Order your perfect gift in time for Christmas now!!!
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