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You Got A Friend in Me

Bremont Watch Jaguar Lightweight E-Type MKIII Bremont MKIII

Long-lasting friendships are based on success, trust and harmony, which brings joy and happiness to each party. A natural friendship is built on a shared interest that is cherished overtime in a passionate way. Mutual respect and loyalty is earned by the bond created through the continuation of the relationship; a strong alliance that seeks a future together of endless possibilities…………..


The friendship between Bremont and Jaguar is based on their shared passion for history and heritage. Their connection derives from their strong belief in telling a story that both parties understand completely creating a natural synergy; both striving for a finished result that is exciting, honest, fun and sophisticated. A journey that Jaguar and Bremont cherish and utterly, without a doubt, believe in. 


Bremont and Jaguar have embraced their relationship wishing to take the partnership to a new level. Continuing their professional friendship is an honour to both companies as it confirms their success as a duo. The overwhelming response to the six Bremont chronometers that found inspiration in the six ’continuation’ lightweight E-Type sports racing cars (in the process of being built) and the admiration for the new collection of timepieces, which were a tribute to the road-going Jaguar E-Type has sparked their passion to work again once more to reveal the MKIII


Bremont Watch Jaguar Lightweight E-Type MKIII Bremont MKIII


The E-Type finds itself again at the centre of interest due it’s fascinating heritage. A sports car born to compete becoming famous for its victorious status and still remembered for it’s glorious defeats today. In fact, the iconic E-Type is manufactured today keeping the very essence of the 1960’s model very much alive. The manufacturing of a car is compared to the manufacturing of a watch with similarities raised; both have to have an engine and a movement, the need to move and to be practical. The Bremont watches capture the quality, the purity, the heritage, the precision and is truly authentic to its inspiration capturing the essence of the motor in the exquisite timepieces. 


The MKIII very much follows the lead of the MKI and the MKII yet boasts a simpler interpretation. Admire the slightly slimmer 43mm polished steel case that hosts the black tachometer-inspired dial with the date display situated at 6 o’clock and the Jaguar heritage logo just above. Again, finding inspiration in the dials of the E-Type the hour markings echo their numerals and the red linei quadrant is a direct tribute to the E-Typeis tachometer. Other similar features include the winding crown that features the Dunlop tyre tread complete with the Jaguar heritage logo, the case back with automotive brand imagery, the double-domed crystal for vintage appeal and the fact that the MKIII is manufactured in the UK by Bremont using its renowned three-part Trip-Tick technology, which of course, includes Bremont’s anti-shock movement mount technology. 


Bremont Watch Jaguar Lightweight E-Type MKIII Bremont MKIII


That just about completes the story so far of the Jaguar and Bremont friendship. A relationship that shares core values that allow for creativity, understanding and passion as a part of their journey. Long may their relationship continue! We are sure it will!! 

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