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MeisterSinger Ask to Savour The Moment


As the clocks fell backwards on the early hours of October 25th I began to ponder…………...... Did individuals appreciate the extra hour that had encompassed their Sunday? Did the extra 60 minutes go unnoticed, cause confusion or moaning about the darker nights approaching as a result? In our hectic, busy lifestyles that are consumed with rushing to the next appointment, cursing public transport for being late or wolfing down our next meal not noticing the scrumptious taste, we forget to stop and appreciate the essence of time and the beauty that it can bring. How did you spend that glorious 60 minutes? I praised the extra hour that allowed for me to spend more time with my close friend and her lovely family on a glorious day walking along the beach taking in the beautiful sights of Bournemouth; a rare moment that I enjoyed, seeing the excitement of life through the eyes of a 2 year old. A concept that MeisterSinger campaigns for in their approach to watchmaking!!!


MeisterSinger wholeheartedly believes that society should celebrate the beauty of time, whether this be enjoying the ritual of drinking that morning coffee or perfecting your outfit to face the world. It is important to passionately spend time performing these milestones in our day savouring the moment. Do not rush these rituals as MeisterSinger believe that these tasks become more meaningful when you take the time out of your day to live. On your walk to work admire the beautiful colours of Autumn or the exquisite architecture that surround you; at lunch enjoy that perfectly made sandwich; at home take a minute to sit and feel thankful for your cosy home on the Winter nights; the list is endless! 


To demonstrate their commitment and devotion to carrying out tasks dutifully, MeisterSinger's ethos and approach to watchmaking relies on this belief. The single-hand watch concept, their manufacturing process, business management and interaction with people all rely on taking time to do tasks properly without the feeling of being rushed along by pressure. It is their aim for people to enjoy moments of tranquility and peace during your personal ritual of the day; to preserve that moment in a calm reflective manner. 


In a world influenced by technology and the Internet it is important to one’s state of mind that a moment is taken to invest time in a hobby that you enjoy. Whether that is to tune your beloved guitar, knit a chunky scarf, read a book or walk in the fresh air, it is a personal time to blank all the noise of everyday life out and truly invest time in your wellbeing. Many of us forget about how each person needs a moment to live and not just exist; to not just be an employee, a number but to feel and express their passion for life in a crazily busy world that leaves little room to think sometimes. 


So. I ask again! How did you spend your extra hour??? 


Join the MeisterSinger world of appreciating the finer things in life as there is so much beauty to appreciate! As I finish typing my last sentence I will become absorbed in my knitting obsession. I will have a jumper by next Christmas!

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