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Raidillon Watches Review


Being the new guy on the first day of a job can be nerve racking, scary and intimidating. A concept that Raidillon managed with confidence and grace as the brand honourably joins the Jura Watches team. Fitting seamlessly into the fold, Raidillon sat proudly in the luxury brand sector showcasing their array of stunning designs for browsers to admire and purchase; finding your feet at a new job can usually take a while to settle into yet the racing inspired label showed no signs of nerves on the first week here and we can understand why. 


Choosing the famous corner at Spa-Francorchamps for the brand name, immediately brings a sense of familiarity and nostalgia to car racing fans being a favourite circuit to many. Under the title, the designers bring innovation, high quality and an international platform. Raidillon deliver a chic, sporty aesthetic, with technical precision and traditional features of watchmaking; a winning formula that guarantees success. Sharing the properties of a racing car with the beautiful bodywork and engine sensitivity, fanatics apply their admiration for fine mechanics to stunning watch instruments that carry the motor racing spirit. 




The number 55 is a significant factor embedded into the Raidillon D.N.A. Each chronograph is manufactured to a limitation of 55 due to the link with motor racing and marking the maximum amount of automobiles allowed to take part in a race. The number is etched on each model cleverly in the 11 o’clock (55 minutes) position. To mirror motor racing exactly, the number 13 has been disregarding for authenticity. 


Raidillon surpassed their first day at Jura Watches with flying colours. Don’t ya think? 

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