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Luminox Watch Supports Shark Protection Campaign


Luminox and its brand ambassador Scott Cassell have set up a special social media campaign to help protect the shark population.
Scott Cassell is a undersea explorer, devoting his life to saving the sea and its inhabitants. He is particularly concerned about the diminishing numbers of sharks, with 73 million killed every year.
In order to demonstrate that sharks are not the "killing machines" shown in the media, Cassell visited the Bahamas to shoot an underwater video. The film shows the sharks harmlessly interacting with humans.
"I look at sharks like the family dog," Cassell says. "We need to save them. There is not much time left."
The film, titled "Eaten by a Tiger Shark?" has been split into two halves, with the first made available to view on YouTube and the Luminox Facebook page.
The second part of the movie has been held back in order to raise awareness and funds for Cassell's non-profit organisation, The Undersea Voyager Project. The unseen footage will be released when 33,333 fans have joined the Luminox Facebook page, and the watch brand will donate $1 US for every new fan until the target has been met.
Luminox also supports Cassell's work by creating special edition Scott Cassell Luminox watches, of which part of the proceedings are donated to his non-profit organisations. "Scott Cassell is a natural fit for the Luminox brand and epitomises the professional who considers a great watch Essential Gear," the brand says.
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