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Sinn Watch to Participate in Hamburg-Berlin-Klassik Car Rallye


A Sinn driving team will take part in the 5th annual Hamburg-Berlin-Klassik car rallye, wearing Sinn 917 GR timepieces.

The 780-kilometre race begins in Hamburg and leads through six German states before finishing in Berlin, from 20th - 22nd September 2012. The rallye is open to cars made before 1991, and involves a variety of tasks that emphasise consistent speed and reliability. 180 classic cars representing 80 years of automative history will take part in the 2012 event.

Sinn has been a participant and partner of the rallye since its first year. The brand's driving team - owner Lothar Schmidt and marketing director Simone Richter - will drive a Mercedes-Benz 220 SEb convertible and wear a 917 GR watch. Sinn believes its watches have a lot in common with classic cars: "Both stand for timeless, traditional values. Both offer the thrill of mechanical engineering steeped in a time-honoured tradition. And both symbolise quality and aesthetic design."

The Sinn 917 GR was developed in collaboration with Peter Göbel, sports director of the Hamburg-Berlin-Klassik, and Helge Jost, of the Springer publishing company that organise the event. Using their years of experience in road rallyes, the watch is a dependable rallye chronograph that features a backward-counting bezel that makes it easy to read target times down to the second. The power reserve indicator also resembles a traditional fuel gauge.

The watch includes a dehumidifying capsule that protects the dial from fogging, high and low pressure resistance, date display, transparent case back and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating. Movement is Valjoux 7750 automatic calibre, and the 917 GR is available with a steel bracelet or black leather strap.
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