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Bell & Ross Watches Review

Once upon a time there was a fine watch brand called Bell & Ross who challenged the ideas of watchmaking. After many years of hard work, creativity and forward thinking Bell & Ross successfully battled with tradition and convention to release a new, magical watch design that travelled across the land starting a revolution……………… 


Bell & Ross are recognised for their signature square shape that was heavily influenced by the cockpit instrument. Over a decade ago, the BR 01 timepiece sparked the idea that transformed the traditional concept of watchmaking. From the innovative idea, Bell & Ross have developed over 150 models with the square shape as the core influence. The 10 year anniversary was marked with the launch of a timepiece that echoes the original 2005 watch incorporating the new innovative techniques developed over time. 


Delve into the world of Bell & Ross witnessing the complex nature of watch assembly and the exquisite designs and features of stunning time instruments. Also, enter the cockpit of an aircraft carrier to experience the thrilling flight through the skies or zoom across the snow in a B-Rocket!!! 



The Bell & Ross revolution continues spreading happiness and adoration to watch enthusiasts worldwide. Style connoisseurs and timepiece followers all lived happily ever after!!!!


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