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Juicy Couture Watch Review

Juicy Couture strives to bring the vibrant LA style and attitude to a much wider audience. 


An empire that hosts a variety of design talents within the fashion industry, Juicy Couture have gained global success for their fun, flirty and bold vision. Reaching out to watch enthusiasts, their timepiece collection is a fierce projection of the fashion obsessed friends who formed the label back in 1997. Not afraid to inject bright colour, sparkle and intense glamour to the watch platform the designs have caught the attention of celebrities and fashion followers worldwide adding to their success. Experimenting with oversized, bold interpretations and more elegant, refined pieces the collection appeals to a contemporary market who wish to express their individuality through a daring piece. Juicy Couture is a youthful female brand who explores femininity with a bold and strong attitude.


The duo’s designs do not go under the radar unnoticed as when attached to one’s wrist the eye is drawn to the array of colour and shine that reflects from the dazzling embellishments.  A Juicy Couture design wants to be seen and admired standing out from the crowd. Discovering the couture in the mundane, the fashion brand produce the ultimate watches that lead to a fun filled lifestyle inspired by LA living. 


Take a look at the bold, confident and whimsical collection of Juicy Couture timepieces at Jura Watches!

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