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Ice Watch Review

Ice Watches are recognised for their colourful, bold and sleek presence in the watch industry. 


Formed in 2007 by trio Jean-Pierre Lutgen, Polly Yu and Christy So, Ice Watches delivered a fresh vision of fashion led watch designs for the contemporary market. Over the eight years in operation, the brand have continued to produce innovative timepieces infused with creativity, affordability and relevance to an international audience. Admired by leading figures in the music industry the likes of David Guetta, Flo Rida and The Saturdays have worn the timepieces with pride ensuring that fans of the stars flock to the watch brand eager to invest in the exact colourful piece. The bright and vivacious watches boldly stand out when secured to the wrist demanding attention and admiration. 


Ice Watches pride themselves on high quality, individuality and longevity, which is vital to survive in the competitive watchmaking world. Of course, colour is an essential element that is infused into the D.N.A of the brand with watches available in a wide spectrum of hues; hoping to cover every shade possible. The accessible price allows for Ice Watches to constantly follow fashion trends releasing new designs regularly and for loyal followers to purchase another piece without question. The unisex brand does not categorise or discriminate against gender allowing for both female and male followers to purchase any of the watches depending of their colour and style preference. 


Absorb the colourful rainbow of Ice Watches available at Jura Watches today.

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