Ice Watch brand started in 2007, Ice Watches are the design to go for, affordable and truly the way to go. Ice watches stand for purity, transparency and freshness.

Each watch exudes luxury, distinguished by striking design and attractive packaging. 

The Ice Watch products are made for today's lifestyle, whether you are looking for a timepiece for work, sports, holiday or party.


    Ice Watches

    Launched in 2007, Ice watches are still relatively new to the world of watches, but the company has enjoyed great success. These popular fashion watches offer high quality at very affordable prices, and are best known by the wide variety of bright colours in the collection.

    The Ice Watch company was founded in Belgium and quickly gained a reputation as a celebrity favourite. Ice watches have been spotted on the wrists of many famous stars, which helped to propel the brand into the spotlight and onto the pages of fashion magazines.

    The classic unisex collection is designed to appeal to men and women in all aspects of modern life, so the watches can be worn for work, sports, holidays and parties.

    Ice watches were designed as trend-forward watches, combining creativity with fashionable, vibrant colours. The range of timepieces includes chronographs alongside more minimalist designs, so there is a style to suit all tastes, and some models include Swarovski crystals for extra glamour.

    The affordable prices and bold, stylish look means that many fans of the brand will own multiple Ice watches, collecting many different styles and colours in order to match any outfit or situation.