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On the Wrist at NYFW

As New York Fashion Week sadly disappears for another year, we can’t help but scan the crowds wrists for the watch attendees of the season - lucky things!!! We also can’t help but feel a little envious of those wrist adornments that stylishly step inside each venue with sophistication and ease.


Here at Jura Watches we were certainly not disappointed at the array of equisite timepieces that we luckily caught glimpses of bringing a flutter of excitement as we retell our findings. Join us to discover the watch secrets of the style connoisseurs and contemporary gents that were present at the New York Fashion Week; absorbing how to locate watches that echo those detected throughout the prestigious event.


Trust us to bring a touch of New York style to international watch enthusiasts from the comfort of your cosy sofa!!! 


TAG Heuer Aquaracer 


TAG Heuer Aquaracer WAY2151.BD0912


The TAG Heuer edition certainly does not look out of place at New York’s fashion offering, tightly secured to the wrist of a dapper gentleman. The classic yet bold piece compliments his groomed, smart attire as we caught a glimpse of the stainless steel bracelet and stunning dial. Teamed with a shirt, blazer and trouser combination the Aquaracer enhances the traditional tailored appearance adding a contemporary element to the sleek outfit. 


The sartorial choice demands attention becoming a statement piece that naturally draws the eye due to the hint of subtle colour and sophisticated style. The Aquaracer line attracts a fashion led individual who cares for reliability and functionality in a stylish design. Admiring the beauty and delicacy of the hue that is met with strong and masculine design features is a selling point for the TAG Heuer piece that is a firm staple at Jura Watches and NYFW!!!!


Certina Watch DS Podium Square Quartz


Certina Watch DS Podium Square Quartz C025.510.16.083.00


Locking eyes with a Certina Watch DS Podium Square Quartz lookalike was no surprise with the strong square shape complimenting the roman numeral markings. Worn on the wrist of a style leader who embraces casual quirkiness and creativity matched the bold timepiece with a knitted blue waistcoat with large weaved buttons and a pale blue shirt. Turning back the sleeves to perfect a nonchalant, relaxed yet precise roll leaves the forearm free to showcase the masculine piece. Resting his arm whilst smoking a cigarette, the striking watch was in full view for us to admire noticing the uncanny resemblance to the Certina


His unique outfit combination required a strong watch to avoid becoming lost in the quirky attire. A bold square shape with large markings is the perfect choice for those who lead rather than follow. The black leather strap stands out against the blue shades ensuring that the watch is noticed in the crowds of fashion followers.


Alpina Watch Seastrong Diver 300 Big Date Chronograph 


Alpina Watch Seastrong Diver 300 Big Date Chronograph AL-372LBO4V6


Meeting Alpina’s double on the streets of New York was a highlight of the search. The vivid orange shade that the bezel adopts stands out against his short sleeved white shirt that demands a statement piece on his exposed forearm; the perfect canvas for such a powerful piece. The injection of colour against a black dial adds to the contemporary, stylish look. To dare to wear such a piece you must have confidence in your style pairing the watch with minimal, simple items that work harmoniously together leaving a platform for the Alpina to shine. 


Hamilton Watch Pan Europ


Hamilton Watch Pan Europ H35405741


Finding the Hamilton sports watch on the arm of a fashion connoisseur was no easy feat. The blue, red and white nato strap that compliments the dial perfectly was matched with a black ensemble with a beaded and green weaved bracelet. Holding his bag with his arm fully stretched was the ideal opportunity to spot the dynamic piece that was accessorised effortlessly. The Hamilton did not look out of place at NYFW as the trend setter gave the sports watch a chic edge. 


If you are attracted to sports watches like the Hamilton it is easy to incorporate a relaxed style into a more formal setting. The stylish gent allowed for the colourful watch accessory to pop from his black outfit effortlessly. The Hamilton became the focus and statement piece of his attire along with his bracelet combination. 


Which watch was your favourite from New York Fashion Week? We know it's difficult to choose!!!!

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