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Welder Watch Review

Welder watches embrace the uncertainty of the future concerned with the concept that travelling through space-time will become a reality by 2075. 


An inspiration and prediction that sets Welder apart from other watch brands who focus on the nostalgic view of looking to the yesteryears and bringing the ideas into the current day. Yet the imaginative and daring brand encompasses the future projecting the ideas into the present. It is not about the past that has already been lived, breathed and overcome yet the unknown, unpredictability and excitement of the future that awaits that interests Welder. 


The naming of the brand derives from ‘the welding of emotions between people, the welding of time and space, when travelling through space-time is likely to become a reality by 2075.’ The watch designs powerfully visualised and created by Italo Fontano, represents the link between us and the future generations that will one day walk this earth with more knowledge and instinct. Each instrument is timeless and ageless in a way that can survive projection into the future without becoming outdated or old; remaining current and always looking to the next stage. The timepieces dramatically possess three-dimensional dials to remind the wearer of the layers of space and time between the present and 2075. The bold, unique masterpieces showcase the need for individuals to weld together their feelings, emotions, interests and beauty!!


The powerful presence that Welder has on the watch industry is displayed through the unique, oversized dials that are dramatic, bold and futuristic. With their unique inspiration and vision Welder transports the wearer to the unknown future with confidence and courage. 


Look to the future with the edit of Welder watches at Jura Watches.

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