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MeisterSinger Circularis Watch Review

MeisterSinger launch the next generation of the stunning Circularis housed with the new MSH01 movement. 


Intent in bringing a sense of calmness and relaxation in a hectic world and translating their ethics of believing that good things need time to be improved, the Circularis embodies a movement that reaches a milestone in their watchmaking history. The new edition represents a technical finesse and measures their commitment to the evolution of contemporary timepieces. The MeisterSinger team poured their passion and adoration for creating an innovative movement carefully into the project ensuring that the tradition of watchmaking remains intact. To be precise the designers took 3 years to achieve a breathtaking result. 


Their attention to detail and intricate eye is evident in the finishing of the striking MSH01. The elaborate circular graining, the beveled, highly polished chamfers and the engraving with gold inlay ensure that the movement is aesthetically pleasing. A specific feature that was designed specifically for the Circularis was the unusual geometry of the bridge, which adds to the unique appearance. MeisterSinger try's to capture those unforgettable moments within the new timepiece that cannot be measured in minutes therefore, embracing their signature style and neglecting the minute hand completely.


The single hand timepiece hosts the hour digits printed in a fine serif typeface. A discreet '30' in the outer circle subtly indicates the passing of half an hour for an easier to read dial. To provide a structured dial the designers have placed a circular recess that encompasses the centre of the platform. A slim bezel gives the illusion of a larger dial as little is hidden by the casing. A five day power reserve is achieved with the two in-series mainspring barrels, which guarantee precision and a long-lasting power reserve; just some of the new Circularis features that allow for a balance of power and elegance.  


Embrace the new MeisterSinger Circularis timepiece at Jura Watches. 

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