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Ball Watch Company Engineer Hydrocarbon Arctic Chronometer Limited Edition Watch Review

Ball Watch Company launch the Engineer Hydrocarbon Arctic Chronometer Limited Edition to mark the 150th anniversary of the Matterhorn summit. 


In 1865, Jean Antoine Carrel and Edward Whymper braved the epic journey recognised as the “Mountains of the Mountains.” Defeating the cold, harsh conditions the courageous duo cemented a moment in history that Ball Watch Company commemorates with the remarkable Limited Edition piece. The victory of mankind against the mountain remains documented in history as an epic adventure that many since have not lived to tell the tale. The Engineer Hydrocarbon Arctic Chronometer encompasses the strength, emotion and triumph that the Matterhorn has witnessed through the astonishing 150 year history. 


The luxury watch brand have built an instrument that echoes the strong and robust nature of those daring enough to defy the danger of the mountains. The hydrocarbon casing acts as a resilient barrier that can resist temperatures as low as -40 degree celsius and undersea operations with the aid of the Hydrocarbon-chain lubricants. Other impressive features include a water resistance of 300 metres, shock resistance of up to 5,000G and is anti-magnetic to 4,800 A/m fields; a warrior ready for extreme conditions that present themselves on epic expeditions and dangerous summits. In addition, the scratch resistant bezel indicates the remaining oxygen supply time and mission elapsed time. The bold, powerful masterpiece possesses a strong and confident persona with the enlarged features and contrast against the black and silver combination. To support adventurers when light begins to fade the dial has been fitted with 31 self-peered tritium-filled gas. The bezel markings are coated with SuperLuminova for further readability. The striped green, red and peach strap adds a stylistic touch to the courageous instrument and the 1865 summit is honoured on the case back. 



Join the adventure with the Ball Watch Company Engineer Hydrocarbon Arctic Chronometer Limited Edition


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