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BALL Watch Company Engineer II Skindiver II Watch Review

The Ball Watch Company Engineer Master II Skindiver II was launched at Baselworld 2015 as a tribute to the 1962 vintage Skindiver watch and the US Coast Guard Reserve. 


To separate the contemporary new edition from the vintage version the diameter of the stainless steel case is enlarged reaching 43 mm for a bold modern look. The timepiece unveiled this year is just a slight 14 mm thick yet can still withstand up to 5000Gs of shock and is anti-magnetic to 4800A/m; properties that are essential to professional divers. A slim yet high performance timepiece is advantageous to those reaching deep levels underwater, which the Skindiver II can certainly accompany the journey at 500m. BALL Watch Company take a nostalgic look back to the yesteryears yet ensure the engineering and technical advancement of the watch is very much catapulted into a contemporary world competing and standing its ground against rivals. 



Of course, the Engineer Master II Skindiver II is equipped with the brands remarkable patented self luminous colour ray, which illuminate the dial dramatically for vision whilst underwater. The striking black dial is the perfect host for the date display situated between 4 and 5 o’clock and the bold hour and minute hand, which are fitted with H3 gas tubes. The red fine second hand stands out against the contrasting black dial. The powerful and robust diving instrument is a reliable companion that professional divers will feel comfort and reassurance wearing on dangerous expeditions. 


Take a closer look at the BALL Watch Company Engineer Master II Skindiver II at Jura Watches.

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