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NOMOS Glashutte Watch DUW 3001 Review

NOMOS Glashutte provide an insight into the ground breaking and revolutionary DUW 3001 caliber through the eyes of the deputy director of the NOMOS research and development department, Theodor Prenzel. 


The innovative movement measures at a mere 3.2 mm thin, which holds the current record for potentially the slimmest calibre in the watch market; a ground breaking discovery that remains extremely precise and accurate. Breaking rules that label smaller calibers as expensive and imprecise NOMOS engineers successfully eradicate this notion by managing to fit a large balance into an ultra-thin movement. 


Theodor Prenzel explains the complex process: “You could say that instead of building towers, we played hide-and-seek. Almost all of the caliber parts were inserted between the base plate and the three-quarter plate. For this reason, the ratchet wheel had to be 50 percent flatter than usual; after all, the construction space between the base plate and the three-quarter plate is on average only 1 millimeter high. This is where almost all the parts, which in other calibers are built up as modules, had to be accommodated. This was only possible thanks to modern production and assembly techniques; handcraft and high-tech go hand-in-hand in DUW 3001.”


It is evident that the experts at NOMOS are highly trained with an innovative vision. Performing revolutionary techniques and discoveries demands persistence and dedication. Theodor reveals that the DUW 3001 was developed over a three year period - 1.5 million minutes to be exact! The movement was realised by replacing the classic balance cock with the invention of the NOMOS balance bridge, which allows for the balance to be stable and creating extra space for the rotor. 


The DUW 3001 was officially launched at Baselworld 2015 and praised as “the next sensation from NOMOS Glashutte.” The pioneering watch brand now feels ready to undertake the task of a series production of the new caliber; a prospect that watch enthusiasts will be excited to witness. 


The revolutionary calibre is already ticking in the Minimatik and Tangente available to pre-order at Jura Watches.

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