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Muhle Glashutte Teutonia Models Watch Review

The Muhle Glashutte Teutonia line has undergone a contemporary makeover for 2015. 


The initial Teutonia collection was designed in 2002 receiving a phenomenal reception from watch fanatics worldwide. This year the Teutonia family has welcomed three new members that balances elegance, tradition and sport for a modern interpretation of the admired model. The striking difference is the beautiful midnight blue hue that encompasses the dial of the trio. The splendid watch face is thoughtfully framed by a finely polished D-bezel and Muhle Glashutte replaces the classic guilloche dial with a fine sunray finish to cement the desired sporty aesthetic. 


The trio consists of the Teutonia II Chronograph, Teutonia II Kleine Sekunde and the Teutonia II Medium, which all share the midnight blue shade effortlessly as the stage for their own unique dial features. The three new editions all exclude traditional Arabic numerals for favoured baton indices that circle the dial delicately. Yet the Chronograph shares the dial with three counters with the day and date display at a diagonal position at 4 o’clock, the Kliene Sekunde welcomes a off-centred second hand counter opting for the date to be situated at 3 o’clock and the Medium chooses a minimal, smaller dial with a 6 o’clock date function; all fulfil the task of an elegant, sophisticated timepiece with all features working harmoniously together yet are unique in their own right. All editions are available with either an alligator tan strap or a stainless steel bracelet depending on your personal preference. 


Browse the contemporary Muhle Glashutte Teutonia sports watches at Jura Watches whilst embracing the previous Teutonia timepieces.

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