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The Bremont Oracle II Watch Review

The Bremont Oracle II completely understands the water sport containing technical features that are designed to support the ORACLE TEAM USA throughout their yacht racing adventures; an instrument that embraces the adrenaline rushing sport calmly and self assured. The aim is to design a device that is precise, durable and accurate at the most crucial point of the thrilling race. The natural pairing both carry core values of innovation, high performance, precision, reliability and a strong passion for their industry. A sense of adventure, a test of endurance and a love of the sport is also at the helm of both brands, which ensures that the partnership was inevitable. Timing is such a crucial element of the catamaran race that Bremont’s role is integral to the professional team and are assured that both parties will learn from each other. 


Australian skipper, Jimmy Spithill states: “They understand a lot of our componentry, what makes a boat go fast, and all the aviation similarities like lift and drag. So they’ll be thinking how can we help these guys, as if they were helping a pilot, what can we do to help him make better decisions and have an edge over the others. Thanks to their background and their interests, I really see it being a strong relationship.”



Keeping the design principles of the Oracle I, the similar case technology is present yet allows for a second time zone to grace the timekeeper with GMT functionality. The dramatic and powerful aesthetic is achieved through a striking fine varnished matt black dial with contrasting white applied index markers. Situated at 6 o’clock, is the branding of the America’s Cup inspiration, which is also visible in the etching on the case back in the form of the ORACLE TEAM USA logo as an honour to their strong alliance. Echoing the dramatic black dial, the black synthetic strap securely fastens to the wrist of the ORACLE TEAM USA. 


Explore the partnership by beginning with the Bremont Oracle II and finishing with the other three timepieces that complete the new collection. 

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