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CT Scuderia Saturno Watch Review

The CT Scuderia Saturno collection is inspired by the Gilera Saturno motorcycle manufactured in Italy during 1946 to 1958. 


In 1940, the very first prototype of the Saturno racing motorcycles was built with a 32 mm Dell’Orto carburetor. Taking part in the Targa Florio in Palermo, Massimo Masserini famously came to victory riding the Gilera Saturno. Since, the motorbike has earned a legendary status in motorcycling history with only 6,026 models manufactured.


During his childhood, Enrico Margaritelli whose first passion is motorcycles adored the racing machine due to a family friend, Umberto Masetti winning the 500 cc World Championship with the Saturn in 1950. The CT Scuderia Saturno timepiece proves to be a nostalgic reference to Margaritelli’s love of the bike and a sporting culture in which he enjoyed a professional career. The driving force behind the timepiece is met with bold Italian styling conveying a strong, powerful aesthetic suited to that of a motorcycle driver. 



The Italian D.N.A is echoed in the accent colours of the timepiece - green, white and red. The patriotic shades are evident on the pusher buttons that mirror that of a stop clock to time a race as well as on the counter hands, minute, hour and seconds hands and the bold, oversized digits. The large numbers that stand out on the dial are easily visible during a fast, adrenaline rushing competition when moving at a great speed. A nod to the motorcycling influence is the black and grey checkered flag that sits behind the 60 mark. The numbers increase in a series of 5 minutes, which is easier to read the time in an instant. The dial is framed in a stunning rose gold case for a striking, luxury appearance that demands attention. The black strap with perforated holes finishes the oversized, powerful masterpiece effortlessly.


Indulge in the CT Scuderia Saturno Automatic Chronograph at Jura Watches.


Embrace the complete CT Scuderia collection of the timepieces that infuse Italian style with the motorcycle inspiration.

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