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Sinn U1000 Watch Review

The Sinn U1000 range has become a vital piece of equipment for Andreas Peters; a diver intent on finding sunken ships in the North Sea. An obsession that initially began in 1998. 


Peters is intrigued by the world’s biggest ship graveyards that lies dormant on the seabed - 50,000 wrecks to be exact. He explains: “North Sea expeditions are a hobby of mine. I love wreck diving and I’m a keen treasure hunter.” His intent passion that drives him to navigate in extreme conditions is extremely different to scuba diving. 


Andreas Peters describes: ““Being a technical diver, I work with extremes. I never know what to expect down there, so I have to be fully prepared. There’s no doubt that since my very first dives, I’ve been letting myself in for a new adventure every time. At first it was the fascination of hunting for lost gold and silver. Since then, however, the treasures that attract me down into the dark depths have assumed a very human aspect.”




The unpredictable nature of his expeditions and choosing the North Sea, which presents challenges that only a brave, trained expert can undertake casts a huge honour and responsibility onto the Sinn U1000. Visibility can be obscured, the current can be aggressive and the weather conditions can suddenly change for the worse resulting in dangerous, life threatening circumstances. Yet Andreas Peters embraces the expeditions with passion and of course, the Sinn U1000 secured to his wrist. 


To reach untouched territory Peters demands equipment that minimises the risks to ensure that no errors do not exist. He describes the diving watch as “additional safety equipment” as the he is aware that his diving computer’s battery could potentially run out or computing errors could make the trip fatal. The U1000 mechanical chronograph is however, 100% reliable and resilient; a necessity for the dangerous trip ahead. The high technical standards ensure that the Sinn diving watch works perfectly underwater with clear readability in restricted visibility. Comfort and durability are also qualities that ensure that Andreas picks the Sinn U1000 over rival diving watches. 


Take a look for yourself at the Sinn U1000 range.

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