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Harwood Watches Joins the Jura Watches Family

We are pleased to announce that Harwood watches is the latest luxury brand to join Jura Watches.


The journey began with Englishman’s John Harwood’s innovation, which revolutionised watchmaking continuing to make a vital presence in the contemporary world of timekeeping. His creation the “Harwood perpetual” inspired automatic winding; a vision influenced by observing children on a see-saw. The genius idea, which was first realised via an old pocket watch was patented in 1924 and made an appearance two years later at the Basel fair. Prior, to Harwood’s gifted invention wrist-watches were hand wound by using the crown. 


Since the conception of the “HARWOOD perpetual” it has been recognised as a tremendous milestone in the history of watchmaking. Today, the watch brand continue to invent and innovate with a silhouette that excludes a crown, embraces a fluted bezel and a singular hand setting mechanism; a rarity in the watch industry. The crown’s role is adopted by the bi-directional adjustable turning bezel, which has dual purposes providing the ability for hand setting and manual winding. A striking red dot positioned at 6 o’clock indicates the respective mode of the watch. 


Choosing a Harwood model brings technical sophistication, exciting style, innovation and functionality to the wearer’s wrist with dignity. The Harwood collection possesses an air of timeless elegance that references their link to the ground breaking position in the past with a strong nod to the future. John’s spirit lives on in the watches designed to meet a contemporary audience.


Take a closer look at the range of Harwood watches available at Jura Watches. 


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