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MeisterSinger Adhaesio Watch Review

MeisterSinger unveils a stunning timepiece that features a second time zone whilst remaining true to their single handed signature style. 


The luxury brand designs beautiful timepieces for enthusiasts who realise the importance of remaining calm and relaxed at each moment during their lifetime no matter the distance. The significance of not becoming absorbed in petty details is paramount to MeisterSinger especially when travelling across timezones. Remaining on track and in control is vital with the aid of the Adhaesio collection


MeisterSinger recognises that it is essential for high flyers to be immediately aware of the time back at home and remain connected with loved ones. Once safe at home the professional is able to stay in contact with international associates making phone calls and arranging meetings at the correct time. Feeling out of touch with the relevant time broods uncertainty and restlessness. 


The striking Adhaesio successfully presents dual time without compromising MeisterSinger’s title of a single-hand specialist. The watchmakers are intent on ensuring that their wristwatches remain up todate with technical advancements without diverting way from their ethos. A single, needle-sharp hour hand signifies the current time of the wearer’s location on the outer layer whereas red arrows point to the second time on a 24-hour ring, which slowly rotates in a clockwise direction. To avoid confusion a third ring separates the time zones displaying the date, which moves in the opposite direction. Both time zones together with the date can be set using the crown.


Powered by a Swiss automatic movement - the ETA 2893 - the Adhaesio is available in four colour combinations. The white and beige dials encompass all three circle layers whereas the black and striking blue dial is presented with a white second time zone and date circle; both are easily legible and are only chosen due to style preference of the traveler. 


Chose your favourite Adhaesio at Jura Watches.

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