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TAG Heuer Watch Set Loyal Fans A Unique Challenge

TAG Heuer allows for exclusive guests to uncover their spectacular 2015 collection in a unique and extraordinary way. 


The innovative watch brand unveil their latest designs to loyal fans with the opportunity to plunge deep into Dubai’s Atlantis aquarium. Remaining true to their adventurous and daring nature that has attracted loyalty and thrill seekers throughout the years, TAG Heuer showcase their designs via immersing into a tank full of marine animals and sharks; a breathtaking and creative concept. The unorthodox opportunity is a once in a life time experience for dedicated followers of TAG Heuer who are eagerly anticipating the new watch collection. 




TAG Heuer plan to invite 30 explorers who have the confidence to dive into the bottom of Atlantis’s Ambassador Lagoon. Ten handpicked designs are waiting for the brave divers to view in an open air aquarium earning the title as the largest in the Middle East and Africa; enticing a team of fearless explorers ready for an adventure into the unknown. A rush of adrenaline mixed with an air of admiration for the spectacular TAG Heuer range is the perfect combination. 




The brand has always admired the bold, brave, persistent and energetic character when choosing ambassadors. On this occasion, TAG Heuer will seek individuals outside the celebrity arena for the challenge to find ten luxury hide timepieces whilst embracing sharks circling the aquarium. Let’s hope they don’t crack under pressure. 



The concept mirrors TAG Heuer’s attitude to watchmaking with their determination to never quit or fail in terms of innovation, precision and performance. Never conforming to set rules the brand embraces their own journey and personality without compromising. TAG Heuer will have high expectations from the team to adopt the same attitude to the challenge. 


View the TAG Heuer 2015 collection from the comfort of your seat. 

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