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The Oris Watch Aquis Depth Gauge Watch Review

The Oris Watch Aquis Depth Gauge is a timekeeper that surpasses rivals with innovative technical advancement in the diving watch community. 


Oris is particularly recognised for their specialism in diving watches and was extremely proud to debut the first diver’s watch that measures depth with a mechanism built into the top glass. Collating the brands expertise, wisdom and craftsmanship skills Oris's engineers single handedly revolutionising the world of professional diving! A bold statement that is justified by the Oris Watch Aquis Depth Gauge. Safety and protection are of high importance to the brand resulting in the application of the Boyle Mariotte Law (the relationship between pressure and volume) to the patented Oris Aquis Depth Gauge.



The exhilaratingly, thrilling lifestyle of a expert diver is met with unknown danger and critical risks relying on their equipment daily for reassurance. Capturing the hidden beauty alien to many is a fascinating yet dangerous career to embrace. Measuring facilities such as the Oris masterpiece is vital to their success and safety. 


Positioned at 12 o’clock is an inlet which leads to a channel carved into the side of the crystal allowing for air to become compressed and water to enter the space. The depth is accurately read on the yellow scale, which collects information from the light grey and dark grey edging, which indicates the water and compressed air ratio. In fact, the Oris Watch Aquis Depth Gauge is the first divers watch instrument to allow water into the timepiece to measure depth; a crucial and beneficial factor for professional divers who can read the depth instantly via the stylistic Oris watch. The striking yellow markings allows for legibility in a visibly restricted environment, which divers regularly face. 


The Oris Watch Aquis Depth Gauge is presented in a special waterproof casing with a steel bracelet replacement strap and a required set of tools to change the strap. 


For diver watch enthusiasts take a closer look here.

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