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Breitling B55 Connected Smart Watch Review

Breitling debut their first connected chronograph to present the B55 Connected Smart Watch.


The highly innovative brand has directly placed the smartphone in the service of the watch improving functionality and leading the way for an avant garde instrument of the future. The B55 Connected hosts countless ground breaking functions to proudly present the timepiece as the ultimate pilots instrument with unbeatable reliability and precision; proved by the certification from the COSC (Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute) - an international recognition for accuracy and dependability.  

The new-generation connected chronograph syncs to a Breitling mobile app via Bluetooth to offer reliable wireless communication. However, the timepiece remains true to the Swiss luxury watch foundations with a precise timekeeping functionality and their B50 caliber SuperQuartz movement is present; please note the SuperQuartz movement is ten times more accurate than standard quartz! The app enables for the user to alter time zones to adjust the digital display and analog hands, set alarms and sync to a phone. The smart watch records flight times via an eminently aviation-oriented chrono flight device with the comfort that the app has logged all important data. The device memorizes the take off time, landing time and date to provide accurate and relevant information.


Other impressive features that support the reigning title of the "ultimate pilot instrument” include an electronic tachomete, a countdown countup system and two legible LCD (liquid crystal display) screens complete with a high intensity backlighting system. The useful feature can be activated by pressing the crown or tilting one’s wrist at a greater angle than 35 degrees. An action commonly adopted when gripping aircraft controls or a steering wheel. 


The Breitling B55 Connected Smart Watch is crafted to an exceptional standard to remain as front runners with technical advancements within the watch industry. The exclusive timepiece is an innovative watch that allows for the successful link and interaction of phone devices and watch instruments without loosing the chronograph concept adored by watch enthusiasts. 


Order the Breitling B55 Connected Smart Watch.

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