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The Seiko Astron GPS Chronograph S Watch Review

Indulge in the exquisite Seiko Astron GPS Solar Chronograph S - a distinction of beauty, innovation and intelligence. A portrayal of the unity between time and space. 


Prior to the discovery of the new Astron, it was unimaginable that a watch could adjust automatically to different time zones. The results of creative and innovative thinking, the Astron is able to adjust to the 39 time zones worldwide with a GPS network that responds to the power of light. The intricate design successfully receives signals from four or more GPS satellites to absorb the wearer’s exact location and respond accordingly; setting the correct time and date for the desired time zone. The incredible, revolutionary concept is ignited from the touch of one button to ensure the ground breaking feature is accessible and sleek. 


The Seiko Astron GPS Solar collection has been welcomed with an impressed response and nod of approval for successfully changing the expectations and abilities of a wristwatch platform. The overwhelming impact the design has on the watch industry is phenomenal and a concept that will certainly continue to evolve. 


Appreciating the exceptional beauty of our planet the new Astron design absorbs inspiration and feeling from the extreme distant view from space; described as “a blue sphere floating freely, silently and beautifully in its graceful orbit.” Mirroring the exquisite influence is the dome-snapped sapphire glass chosen for it’s hard and durable qualities, which of course has undergone over 10 hours of intense polishing to create a beautifully smooth and curved surface. Capturing the essence of the Earth’s atmosphere through the light from the luminous paint transporting through the glass is well thought out and aesthetically pleasing; a dazzling effect some may say. A magical illusion of Earth travelling through space is formed via the spherical surface that reaches the case and silicon band. 


The indication of time, which is provided by the UTC signal via the GPS satellite is showcased in the aesthetics of the dial; showcasing the time through the eyes of an individual viewing a globe from the North Pole, with the city codes and their offset times aligned with the map. The city codes are marked in a strong, blood font for legibility. 


Invest in the Seiko Astron GPS Solar Chronograph S at Jura Watches.

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