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Alpina and Mondaine Set to Launch Smartwatches this Year

Swiss luxury watchmakers Alpina and Frederique Constant have announced an exciting partnership with California-based Fullpower Technologies to launch Manufacture Model Technologies (MMT). Mondaine is their first client outside the Frederique Constant "Group"to use their module. 


The team’s combined strengths hope to produce exquisite horological watches that incorporate sophisticated smartwatch technology. Each brand revealed a small taster to showcase their design that embodies the latest advancements in watch technology without neglecting the classic elements of fine timekeepers; the results are stunning and are far from the digital watches commonly associated with smart technology. 


Fusing both classic and contemporary ideals the timepieces disregard the digital display screens yet do in fact sync to your phone via an Android or iOSS app. The link automatically sets the time on the watch, tracks the wearer’s steps, calories burned and sleeping patterns. The smartwatches claim to utilise two years of battery life, which is a considerable difference from the 12 hours that the majority of smart watches usually have. The models released will all use the MotionX system, which will have a cloud and backup restore option. 



Alpina, Mondaine and Frederique Constant with the support from Fullpower Technologies have successfully created a modern concept that is subtle and sophisticated in design. Remaining true to the beauty and elegance of luxury watchmaking the designs of each timepiece is truly considered and ensures that the identity of the brand is intact. The idea that professionals can team a watch of this calibre with a sharp suit yet still enjoy the advancements in technology is truly considered; it is the perfect solution that until now has not been mastered correctly. Watch enthusiasts will surely be impressed with the fine, exquisite nature that these watches adopt and do not compromise on quality and design on their journey for new discovery. 


Is this the start of more sophisticated development in the smartwatch direction?

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