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Elliot Brown has Landed at Jura Watches

A new brand that Jura Watches will proudly host is Elliot Brown.


We welcome Elliot Brown to the edit of classic brands at Jura Watches. The watch designers insist on continually improving their timepieces to ensure that new releases are a little better than previous models. They claim that the process is “not revolution, just evolution.” Elliot Brown wish to evolve naturally looking at features that can be enhanced rather that shock with innovative techniques. 


With almost two decades of experience, the expert team at Elliot Brown plan to distill their ideas into a few watch designs that include all their knowledge instinctively picked up over the years. Their plan is to ensure that their watches appear sharper, work a little better and last longer; a true investment piece for watch enthusiasts who prefer a classic design for an accessible price that is designed to last. 



Elliot Brown are proud to consider style and quality over fashion trends and latest innovations in the watch industry. Choose a watch that can be worn for all occasions due to versatility and style; the timepieces can adopt a smart appearance as well as an informal presence. An Elliot Brown watch will become a trusted and reliable piece focused on detailing not found in rivals.   


The founders of Elliot Brown - Ian Elliot and Alex Brown - met whilst working at Animal. Ian was the co-founder in 1988 developing the brand from a single, innovative, practical - an ‘unbreakable’ watch-strap whereas Alex rejected a job at Cartier due to his interest in establishing the Animals watch department; continuing in his role for seventeen years. A duo who have experience and passion for watchmaking, which shows in their ethos and designs. 


Take a look at the Elliot Brown collection at Jura Watches. 

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