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Luminox Watch Becomes Official Partner of XCOR Aerospace

Luminox is now the official watch partner of XCOR Aeropsace, the creator of the most innovative commercial spacecraft ever built.

The spacecraft XCOR Lynx will make suborbital flights into space up to an altitude of 104km. Lynx is a piloted, two-seat, rocket-powered space plane designed for commercial flights. It takes off from a runaway under rocket power, and lands back on the runaway after each flight.

Commercial flights are planned to take off from spaceports in Mojave, California, and Curaçao in the Dutch Caribbean. Passengers will ride with the pilot in the cockpit, experiencing weightlessness, silence and the beauty of Earth from above.

A signature range of Luminox watches have been designed in collaboration with the test pilots and astronauts from XCOR Space Expeditions.

"About 3 years ago, we became partners with SXC in Holland for the space expedition project," said André Bernheim, Co-CEO of Luminox. "Now with the integration of the partnership of XCOR, we became part of the entire project and I am proud of being selected. This will be a win-win situation for both, where Luminox will be opening new doors for XCOR through our worldwide connection to the watch trade."

Barry Cohen, Founder and Co-CEO of Luminox, added: "We see the integration of XCOR Aerospace into our existing partnership with SXC as a great opportunity to strengthen our involvement in the burgeoning commercial space tourism industry. Luminox now has a direct connection to XCOR bringing us to the forefront of space travel in the near future."

Luminox watches glow 100 times brighter than most other luminous watches, giving them superior readability - perfect for adventurers in space and on Earth.

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