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Luminox Space Series Watch Review

A new collection of Luminox watches optimised for space flight have been designed in partnership with XCOR Space Expeditions.

The Luminox Space Series watches will be worn by XCOR pilots and participants on its commercial flights to space.

"We are now entering the era of the privatisation of space travel and XCOR Space Expeditions is enabling the common man and woman to experience something never possible before - being in space," said Barry Cohen, Co-CEO and Founder of Luminox.

The Luminox Pilot Professional Analogue Digital was designed specifically for serious astronauts and pilots. With a brushed titanium case, the watch is light enough to not be a concern during take-off and landing, but durable enough to withstand the stresses of space travel.

The time is displayed through a clear analogue display, while a digital window offers additional precision. The watch includes a countdown timer, a chronograph with split function, an alarm, and a second time zone/GMT function - vital for aviation and space flight, as all timing is based on UTC/GMT.

"I’ve flown all my life with all kinds of watches, and I can tell you that even the smallest bit of nuisance in a watch really becomes nasty if you’re under pressure," explains Harry van Hulten, the test pilot for the XCOR Space Expeditions project. "You need an analogue view, which shows you the approximate time in a fraction of a second, and you also need digital time, which is typically tied to the ultimate source, GMT time. Luminox was very, very serious about this project – they took all of our advice and put together some prototypes, and then told us to go out and test them. We’d go out in the L-39 planes and go up to 4Gs. That’s testing! Luminox listened to our feedback and made the watches better and better. Luminox is my watch of choice – I’ve tested the watches and I’ve met the people behind them and I’m impressed."

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