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Bremont Watch Partners with Boeing

Bremont has partnered with Boeing to develop a new range of mechanical watches.

The collaboration includes plans to create wristwatches and chronometers featuring Boeing aeroplane materials, and limited edition watches that feature aeroplane parts. The collection will combine Boeing's expertise in advanced material technology with Bremont's skills in chronometer manufacture.

Bremont has been given extensive access to Boeing's material and manufacturing technology at the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre in Sheffield, as well as its historical and archival materials.

"We are excited to combine our award-winning experience in mechanical watch manufacture and design with Boeing’s unrivaled experience in material technology," said Nick English, Bremont co-founder. "We have had a relationship with Boeing for a number of years through our military projects, but this partnership gives us further access to material and testing facilities that cannot be matched. No other aviation company has such an extensive and prestigious heritage, and it will be a joy to work with Boeing to celebrate this."

Jim Newcomb, Director of Global Brand Management at Boeing, said: "Collaborating with Bremont became a possibility ever since we saw their limited edition P-51 watch made with parts of an original North American P-51 Mustang manufactured during World War II. We have been impressed with Bremont’s commitment to aviation, engineering and quality. Developing a range of watches with the same super hardened steel, aerogels and composite materials found in Boeing aeroplanes today is a unique way of celebrating the history of aviation as we approach our 2016 centennial.”

Further information about the partnership will be announced later in 2014.

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