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Service Your Watch


As Muhle Glashutte very rightly pointed out, it is highly important to take great care of your beloved timepiece. Remember your chosen instrument continues to tick 24 hours a day as you carry out your daily routine; a trustworthy, reliable device that requires the utmost care. To guarantee longevity and that your timepiece retains its value, it is advised to service your watch every 4-5 years; a service that we provide here at Jura Watches. It is also important to take care of your instrument to prevent damage and maintain its high performance.  


Salt Water


For waterproof watches it is recommended to rinse your watch in tap water to remove any salt water. Either from diving in the sea, swimming, sailing or surfing your timepiece will be subjected to  salt water. 




Ensure that you check the watertightness level to guarantee that you wear your timepiece correctly. Most watches are water-resistant to 5 bars offering protection from a downpour or when washing your hands. 10 bars is suitable for swimming and for diving at least 20 bars is needed. Remember that overtime the watertightness of your instrument may deteriorate and therefore, Muhle Glashutte suggest to have this checked every 1-2 years. 




Watches should never be placed on a loudspeaker of your hi-fi system or any other electric devices. Of course, instruments can easily survive travelling on a tram, drilling a hole or getting your alarm clock yet are affected by being directly placed on electrical appliances. Think before you rest your beloved timepiece. 




Cold surfaces such as stone, glass and metal are not advised along with an area that reaches very high temperatures. Ideally, your timepiece is best placed in their case to avoid dust, moisture and direct solar radiation. If not worn for a great length of time it is advised to wind up by hand once a month to ensure that different oils are always properly distributed throughout the movement. Watch winders are the perfect storage solution when storing an automatic watch. Ensure that you use the specific settings required for your watch movement. 




Try to avoid any direct impact to protect the mechanical movement inside your timepiece. It is important that the intricate calibre avoids any sudden blows that could damage the function of your watch. Avoid wearing when carrying out heavy duty jobs. 




Even when strictly abiding by the rules above your stunning timepiece will require a service to keep it in tip top condition. Your watch works hard to consistently keep moving for 24-hours a day in a precise and accurate way - why not give it the love and care deserved. Mule Glashutte certainly put the pressure on a watch into perspective: 




“While you may only use your car for an hour to travel to work and the same length of time to return home every day, your wristwatch has to work around the clock. The balance of a Mühle movement completes a total of 691,200 alternations in any given 24-hour period, meaning that it is accelerated to top speed 691,200 times a day and stopped by the escapement just as frequently. These alternations put a huge strain on the movement, which acts as the engine of a mechanical watch.”



Jura Watches pride ourselves on offering a flawless and hassle-free experience. Highly skilled technicians carry out the service whilst our store assistants keep you updated on the progress. Find out further about our high quality services here at Jura Watches.

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