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Understanding the TAG Heuer Connected

The TAG Heuer Connected is a luxury smartwatch often dubbed as the Carrera with Smart technology, but why is that? Well, TAG Huer CEO, Jean-Claude Biver explained back in 2015;


"If you know about the brand, you know that its motto is 'Swiss Avant-Garde Since 1860.' A connected watch is avant-garde, no? If we are truly avant-garde, we need to offer a connected watch."


So basically – if you’re a huge fan of the classic Carrera and its very timeless feel, but also like to keep up to date with the latest smartwatch technology – the TAG Heuer Connected is the best of both worlds. To develop this clever technology, TAG Heuer decided to take a risk and ventured into the smartwatch business, choosing to team up with two of the industry’s biggest names – American multinational technology company, Google and microchip specialists, Intel. Together, the famous Swiss watchmaker and the two giants created TAG’s first piece of wearable technology. This was all back in 2015 and since then, the company has released its third generation of the Connected not so long ago with some considerably edgier upgrades. Anchored in horological values, another new set of Connected watches has launched in time for Watches & Wonders 2021. You can check these out here.


But to learn about the design of the Modular TAG Heuer smartwatch and what it offers, keep on reading.



To keep things simple, the newest TAG Heuer Connected watches boast key changes in two particular areas – the TAG Heuer Wellness app and the TAG Heuer Golf app. Apart from that, the physical platforms of the watch have remained the same. So, let’s look at those…


Apps, wifi, and Bluetooth are all part of the TAG Heuer Connected watch – the world’s first Swiss smartwatch. Intel designed the heart of the watch – the Atom chip, while Google focussed on the Wear OS operating system. The virtual dials, cases and straps are, however, TAG Heuer’s domain and it is these aesthetical values in particular that enable the watch to retain its Carrera-like personality. Thanks to said virtual dials, you can change up the look of the display with several historical Carrera layouts. That in itself is pretty cool because you get to enjoy multiple models in one! This can all be done with the simple swipe of a finger.


Because of its modular construction, the smartwatch can be enjoyed alongside a mechanical calibre, and in 2017, TAG Heuer released other versions of the Connected, powered by several modules such as the Calibre 16, the Carrera Calibre 5 and the Heuer 02 Tourbillon – one of TAG’s very own in-house engines. With these Connected watches, the lugs, clasps and bands can all be switched out to achieve a different style depending on where the mood takes you.



To make it simpler to understated the evolution of the TAG Heuer Connected watch, we can break things down into a first and second generation, along with modules combined with an automatic movement.


The first generation of the TAG Heuer Connected watch


The TAG Heuer Connected ref: SAR8A80 was the first generation of Connected smartwatch. It featured a confident 46mm diameter and weighed just 52 grams. Why? Because it was crafted from lightweight titanium that not only served a practical purpose on the wrist but gave the Connected a somewhat futuristic kind of feel. It featured a large, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass front that doubled up as a TFT touch display, offering a resolution of 360 x 360 pixels. The crown served as a home button where apps from Google play store could be accessed as well as activity trackers and weather apps. It also featured 4 GB of storage and connected to wifi and Bluetooth quickly and effectively. The 30-meter water-resistant TAG Heuer Connected ref: SAR8A80 also featured a ceramic bezel adorned with a legible minute scale.


The second generation of the TAG Heuer Connected watch


The second generation of the TAG Heuer Connected watch came about in 2017 when the Swiss brand launched a design that would now enable the wearer to change out several different components at will, with lugs, bands and clasps manufactured from various materials like steel, ceramic, rubber, titanium and rose gold. These Modular Connected watches also came in two size variations – a 41mm and a 45mm – both of which were smaller than their 46mm predecessor. The centre of every TAG Heuer Connected watch from the second generation, however, was made of titanium and sapphire crystal glass. And featured the familiar Intel Atom processor. The larger variant of the two promised 4 GB of internal memory while the smaller model offered 8 GB storage. An AMOLED display with a resolution of 400 x 400 pixels ramped up the quality and visibility of the display, making it particularly easy to read under direct sunlight. These watches also promised an NFC and GPS chip that supported services such as Google Maps and Google Pay. As a result of TAG Heuer’s customisations options on offer, there were more than 56 modular-based designs to choose from.


TAG Heuer Connected watches with Chronographs and Tourbillons



In addition to smartwatch modules, the TAG Heuer Connected watch also combined smartwatch features with an automatic calibre. This innovative feature enables the wearer to enjoy the watch either as a smartwatch or as a classic timepiece. A three-handed Carrera watch with a date mechanism is powered by the Calibre 5, while a chronograph version is powered by the Calibre 16, based on the Valjoux 7750. This version is a chronograph tourbillon, putting some of TAG Heuer’s fine Swiss watchmaking prowess on show.


Because of TAG Heuer’s OS technology, the Connected is compatible with Android phones and iPhones. Notifications, reminders, Google Translate, GPS powered by Google Maps, Google Pay and streaming are all possibilities that can be enjoyed within the TAG Heuer Connected watch, making it one of the first, yet one of the most reliable, quality-built smartwatches on the market today.


To view our range of TAG Heuer Connected watches at Jura Watches, you can check out our collection of TAG Heuer Smartwatches here, or call a member of our sales team on 01335 453453

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