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The Story Behind QLOCKTWO

Driven by a desire to tell time their own way, QLOCKTWO watches and clocks have completely distorted any traditionally set standards by putting time into words. Their award-winning collections use typographic displays involving a matrix of 110 randomly arranged characters to form a basis of timekeeping, highlighting the given time in five-minute increments through letters and the minute through luminous dots in the corners.


The unique success story of QLOCKTWO is one we thought time to share, since the youthful brand, founded only in 2009, has already established itself as one of the world’s greatest contemporary timepiece designers. The two founders of QLOCKTWO, Biegert and Funk, described the idea as coming to them “over and over again, sometimes disappearing for a while but always coming back”. This idea, which first started out as drawings, always embodied the same ideology: unique time indication as an art and design object. They were guided by the idea of representing time in a way that people were consciously aware of and in a way that could be communicated effortlessly and innovatively. This idea became known as what we now know as QLOCKTWO.


Before Marco Biegert and Andreas Funk worked together on QLOCKTWO, the pair had a history of partnering on creative projects beforehand and even established their own communication and design agency in 1999. It was during this time that the first sparks of inspiration came for QLOCKTWO, and in 2007 the concept was laid for its foundation. Two years later, QLOCKTWO was officially a founded company and the first art objects were presented to the public at an exhibition in Stuttgart. The few QLOCKTWO wall clocks on display at the exhibit were greeted with overwhelming enthusiasm and its applause allowed the business to flourish in the years that followed.


In 2013, with a country-wide reputation already well established, QLOCKTWO secured another milestone in its history with the installation of the world’s largest QLOCKTWO wall clock installed on the outside of Schwäbisch Gmünd University of Design. Measuring to 5.2 meters by 5.2 meters, the impressive construction weighed a total of five tons and remains an architectural symbol of the university to this day.


A year later, in 2014, the QLOCKTWO factory moved to its current location in Schwäbisch Gmünd where all their latest collections of QLOCKTWO watches, wall clocks and table clocks are made by hand. With the exhibition of a QLOCKTWO LARGE in the Stuttgart State Museum Württember in 2018, the brand has also been classified as creating objects of applied art and become a member of the German Design Council, making it one of the 300 most important design companies in Germany.


Today, QLOCKTWO remains one of the most innovative design companies in the world, fascinating and inspiring people all over the globe with their unique and contemporary timekeeping designs. As official stockists of QLOCKTWO, you can find all their latest releases on the Jura Watches website including the QLOCKTWO wall clocks, table clocks and watches. Get in touch with our team of luxury watch experts today for information on QLOCKTWO and the interest free finance and free next day delivery available.

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