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Presenting the Bremont Hawking Watch Collection

Presenting the Bremont Hawking Limited Edition Collectiona tribute to a universal legend who sought a 'theory of everything'…


Perhaps no other luxury watch manufacturer could distil the essence of Britain’s heritage and one of its greatest physicians better than Bremont. The limited edition collection of the Bremont Hawking comprises a rose gold, white gold, steel and ladies version, as well as natural pieces of meteorite, original documents of professor Stephen Hawking’s work, and a special historical artefact inlaid into its hand-decorated caseback.


The Henley-on-Thames watchmaker has paid tribute to some of the country’s most famous icons in the past. The Jaguar D-Type, the Spitfire and of course, the Supermarine are a few examples of such. Its unique ability to do this in such a tasteful and stylish way has set Bremont apart from rivals and that’s partly to do with its strength as a military and aviation tool specialist. Its timepieces combine materials that are proven to withstand the rigours of everyday life, with patented case constructions tested well beyond endurance. Differing slightly in the fact that this new limited edition watch collection is not in honour of an iconic car manufacturer or a historical aircraft - the Bremont Hawking, this time, honours a true legendary gentleman. Stephen Hawking – a theoretical physicist that beat the odds to shape history for us and much of what we believe about the universe and cosmology. The limited edition collection, in true Bremont style, weaves a slice of history into the back of its case, creating a timepiece that not only embodies a very poignant message but one that entombs a real piece of the professor’s life.


The Bremont Hawking limited edition watch features two complications and boasts some exquisite detailing. It also bears a personal significance to Nick and Giles whose father went to St Albans School with Professor Stephen Hawking. Little did he know what the legendary theorist would become once he left school. In fact, it was Hawking’s school friends at the tender age of 12 who would bet a bag of sweets on the schoolboy either amounting to nothing or becoming something quite remarkable. Of course, the latter it would be.


Hawking has shaped the way mankind sees the worlds. In his life, the author and scientist created theories on black holes that questioned what we thought we knew. His “Hawking Radiation” theory challenged the idea that a black hole contained absolutely nothing and that it in fact emitted heat very slowly. Hawking also dedicated much of his career to studying the cosmos and time, so it seemed fitting that a special limited edition timepiece would commemorate his life and his ground-breaking work.


The Bremont Hawking limited edition collection marks a few firsts for the British watchmaker. It is the first time in the brand’s history that a lady’s version has been made available in a limited edition version. In addition to this, the timepiece is imbued with scintillating diamond dot indexes, marking the brand’s debut diamond-set watch. Every Bremont Hawking also features fours pieces of an 18ct century oak William & Mary slope-front bureau desk drawer inlaid into the back of the case. The desk was inherited by Hawking from his late grandmother – a woman who founded Yorkshire’s Boroughbridge girl’s school. And so, it seems that the teaching role was already deep-set into the family’s veins. Hawking would sit at this desk, recalling fond childhood memories but also forming some of the theories that would later educate the nation.


There is purpose behind the numbers of the Bremont Hawking watch. The 388 stainless steel, 88 rose gold and 88 white gold, together with the 88 ladies versions all pay reference to Hawking’s 1988 science book called “Brief History of Time”. That’s not the only literacy work commemorated in the design of the Bremont Hawking watch, however. The unique number of each timepiece is stamped onto an original piece of paper taken from Hawking’s co-written seminal research paper released in 1978 on The ‘nuts’ and ‘bolts’ of Gravity”.


Whilst the message behind the Bremont Hawking is very clear, here’s where the designs differ in terms of materials and functions. The stainless steel version with black dial, 18ct rose gold version with black dial and 18ct white gold iteration with blue dial all feature a retrograde second display at 6 o’clock, rendered in a silvery hue. The complication is balanced beautifully by a grand date feature at 12 ‘clock. On each caseback is a piece of meteorite set into its surface, surrounded by a decoration depicting the stars in the night sky as they appeared over Oxford on the evening of Hawking’s birth on 8th January 1942. The ladies version is fitted with a sapphire-backed case that grants a clear view into a “black hole”-inspired rotor – a nod to Professor Stephen Hawking’s black hole theory. The ladies Bremont Hawking watch also boasts an entire meteorite dial adorned with diamond dot indexes – a first for the British manufacturer. All Bremont Hawking limited edition watches are powered by the BE-92AV chronometer rated calibre with a 42-hour power reserve. Finishing the timepieces off classically is a range of genuine leather straps. Blue to match the 18ct white gold version, brown fitted to the rose gold case, and black to accompany the steel iteration. The ladies versions are completed on an elegant stainless steel link bracelet, enclosing with a refined folding clasp.


The Bremont Hawking collection pays homage to an extraordinary man – one of, if not the nation’s greatest scientist, whose legacy now lives on in a poignant timepiece that has been closely and carefully designed in collaboration with the Hawking family. The collection is now available to view here. To secure a piece and to avoid disappointment, you can speak with a member of our specialist watch team at Jura Watches today or place an order online.

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