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Meet Snyper Watches


Keep your eye on the target with Snyper Watches; a new brand to join the Jura family. Taking influence from elite forces equipment, each instrument echoes the strength and intelligence of the world’s top snipers. With a focus on design and quality of such specialist equipment, the watches channel the physicality and emotional strength of international long distance combat.


Snyper watches aim for exceptional standards targeting those with discipline and self-control; an individual who is dedicated to both personal and professional aspirations. Someone who sets a goal and strives to achieve it.


Snyper designs understand that there is one sole target. One good decision. One second before the objective. The pressure, discipline, control and commitment of a sniper is carefully considered in each design creating a robust, precise and reliable instrument. A daredevil that thinks ahead of time dressed in a strong, fierce armour.




Each new recruit who joins the collection demands respect with a powerful, unmissable design aesthetic. Using highly durable materials, striking profiles and masculine, extreme designs a Snyper truly does demand attention on the wrist. A watch with a strong personality and character that creates impact and takes centre stage.


To compliment their fierce design vision their dedication to innovation and forward thinking is obvious. Unique inventions that will excite the watchmaking industry is extremely important to Snyper Watches. The launch of the compact windproof lighter module has never been seen in the watch world. The impressive innovation is a result of high-tech design meeting Haute Horologerie and will be adored by cigar aficionados worldwide.

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