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An Introduction to Favre-Leuba


The second oldest Swiss watch brand joins Jura Watches. Favre-Leuba celebrated a momentous anniversary at Baselworld this year - 280 never looked so good! It all began in 1737 in a modest watchmaker’s workshop in Le Locle and has evolved into an iconic brand in the watchmaking industry.


Always armed with courage, authenticity and ingenuity, Favre-Leuba have created a longstanding legacy that is approaching three centuries. Their pioneering spirit is always leading to breaking new ground seeking innovative technologies that will provide creative, exceptional instruments; a need that allows for them to appreciate their past yet yearn for the future.



Favre-Leuba offer ‘highly functional and highly reliable timepieces for those who conquer frontiers, whether in altitude or depth, in heat or freezing cold, north or south of the equator.’ The expert team strive to merge practicality with innovation in everything they do. Always reminiscent of their predecessors, the new timepieces have a nostalgic presence yet bring new ideas and concepts to the forever evolving, competitive industry.


The watch brand is aimed at those who are focused on achieving their goals, never held back by obstacles. For those who dare to dream, seek adventure and set out to conquer each task. Favre-Leuba challenge people’s already perceived ideas and opens their minds to new dimensions, asking for individuals to think outside of the box and enter the unknown. After all, it’s all about your attitude and mindset! Favre-Leuba use this approach in their watchmaking, always challenging the unknown and moving forward through a bold, distinctive and unique aesthetic.





Taking influence from the successful models of the 60s and 70s, the design DNA has a strong identity with a tetradecagon inner bezel, a pillow shaped case, distinctive hands and rectangular index markers. The Favre-Leuba models have a distinguished character that are easily recognisable.

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