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Sinn EZM 1.1 Watch Review


Sinn celebrates the 20th anniversary of the EZM 1 with the stunning Limited Edition of 500 pieces. Meet the EZM 1.1 - an instrument that continues the tradition of functionality and clarity of its predecessor. To understand and truly appreciate the incredible new Sinn arrival lets firstly revisit the 1997 edition - a titanium model that strived to serve professionals during their missions and expeditions.


The original design was a result of a collaboration with the German Central Customs Support Group, ZUZ (Zentrale Unterstutzungsgruppe Zoll) - a special unit much like a special police commando unit. During their operations accuracy, reliability and readability was vital at times where the team were facing extreme, adverse conditions. Twenty years later these qualities are very much alive in the EZM 1.1 edition.


At first glance the 2017 dial is highly legible with a black and white colour bold palette. Markings that are irrelevant to the mission are red as a clear indicator separate from the essential functions. The crown and push-piece is strategically placed on the left hand side of the case. The special feature prevents unnecessary pressure and avoids accidentally getting caught at time-critical conditions ensuring a comfortable and reliable companion.




Developed in-house, the SZ01 chronograph movement guarantees clear and precise readability. To record accurate stop times in an efficient and quicker way, the new timepiece features a jump 60-minute hand. The movement counts 60 minutes in one sweep of the hand (rather than the typical 30 minutes) and the minute stop scale circles the whole dial. The unidirectional bezel can easily record cumulative time and is a bold addition to the aesthetic.


The EZM 1.1 acts a piece of vital equipment that professionals can rely on in the most extreme conditions. Sinn have ensured that the robust design hosts the correct functions to survive such tough eventualities. The chronograph can work reliably in temperatures ranging from -45°C to +80°C, will resist fogging, has a matt silk finish to stop distracting reflections and is scratch resistant. Professional divers, pilots, firefighters and rescue workers will find the watch incredibly useful during their demanding roles.


Sinn ensure that the EZM 1.1 and fellow mission timers are fitted with the best possible materials and components to carry out their role efficiently. The innovators pride themselves of their expertise and dedication to uncovering the latest technology available to withstand challenging, complex conditions. To delve much deeper and gain an incredibly useful insight Sinn speak to the professionals themselves who rely upon the chronographs daily. Their perspective is invaluable providing information on how the team can improve and evolve the designs to support those facing critical situations.

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