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Take a Tour around TAG Heuer's Workshop


For watch fanatics like us, we were beyond excited to take a sneak peak inside the workshop of TAG Heuer. The sports watch brand gave us access to the production of the incredible Connected Modular 45 with a series of images showing their skilled engineers at work.




The release of their second smart watch was a huge success allowing for the wearer to actually become the watchmaker. TAG has enabled for timepiece enthusiasts to choose the colour of the strap, lugs, case and buckle, as well as customising their own unique dial; a ground breaking concept that truly sets TAG apart from rivals as a unique, forward thinking contender in the smartwatch industry. Check out our review here




The cool, light, airy room is the perfect setting for the watch workshop allowing for the experienced, skilled team to carry out their intricate, complex duties. The wall of windows guarantees natural sunlight, which is vital for true visibility when undertaking such complicated, minute tasks. The monochrome interior design with clean white desks, black chairs and lights enhances the fresh, modern setting.




Witness the precision and accuracy that the extraordinary instrument requires taking the utmost care with the tiniest of parts. The concentration and careful placement is needed for such a task. 




Only the most steady, skilled hands and trained eye can master such an art form. An experienced, expert team is incredibly important to handcraft innovative timepieces to the exceptional standard that TAG Heuer demands.




The complexity and artistry that is involved in the making of such an incredible instrument relies on skilled craftsman, attention to detail, forward thinking minds and the latest tools in technology. No instrument leaves the workshop without rigorous testing to guarantee perfection. 




Take the tour and embrace those special behind the scene moments where the TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 is realised. The art of watchmaking at its finest!

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