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Sinn Watch Dual Strap System Review

Sinn Dual Strap System

The introduction of the smart watch has left enthusiasts torn between the beauty of a classic timepiece and the development of digital technology. Innovation in the smart watch arena has made a huge impact on the watchmaking industry. Even dedicated mechanical watch wearers are tempted by the new, useful features of the smart watch progression yet also yearn for the fine, traditional instrument. Sinn have acknowledged this frustration and catered for the niche in the market by designing the Dual Strap System. 


The newest development enables for wearers to enjoy the benefits of an Apple watch as well as a fine mechanical timepiece. By allowing for both devices to fasten to the wrist simultaneously, the wearer will be equipped for conferences, meetings and business trips. A system that brings the best of both worlds together. The timeless traditions of quality, reliability and precision meet innovation, practicality and efficiency on one wrist. A quick glance can allow for the wearer to check messages without the use of their smart phone. 




Two shortened strap halves with toothed buckles are attached to each watch. Two different strap halves are also attached to the watches at opposite sides allowing for the buckles to fasten (one at a time) and meet in the middle allowing for both watches to sit at the centre on the wrist. A second connecting strap allows for the watches to be worn separately when necessary.  


Sinn’s latest invention has allowed for two worlds to collide. Devotees of tradition who are interested in new innovations do not need to make a sacrifice and can enjoy the advantages of both when united on the wrist.  

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