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SevenFriday Watch M1/04 Punk Review

SevenFriday Watch M1-04 Punk Limited Edition M1-04 Punk

SevenFriday took over London’s iconic 100 Club to launch their latest edition to the sound of British Punk band Colt 45 last Wednesday evening - 29th June 2016. An apt fitting with the powerful piece finding inspiration in the rebellious punk scene that spread across London in the seventies. A reminder influential The Sex Pistols, The Ramones and the Clash played to rebel teens in the exact spot. A successful night that relived a moment in history where young activists fought against social alienation of a disaffected industrial Britain. A significant subculture where teens found rebellion in music and fashion creating a strong, powerful identity that is highly recognised today. 


SevenFriday Watch M1-04 Punk Limited Edition M1-04 Punk


SevenFriday absorb the Punk rebellion via the M1/04 Punk watch. Armed in a leather jacket and three 8x polished gun metal square studs, the addition would fit right in at 1970’s London. Fierce red roman numerals circle the black discs paying tribute to Big Ben; an iconic attraction of the capital setting the context for the influence. In addition, the vivid red hue is a direct reference to the colour associated with the Punk fashion scene, as is the studded calf skin leather strap with steel reinforced eyelets, Tartan print and union Jack tongue. Nicknamed  - The PUNK - SevenFriday have truly immersed the design into the revolutionary era that defied convention and left such a stamp on British history and subsequently the creators at SevenFriday. 


SevenFriday Watch M1-04 Punk Limited Edition M1-04 Punk


The Punk - in one glance - makes itself heard in a way that the angst teens did over 40 decades ago. Through colour, materials and studs the SevenFriday design embraces the attitude and feelings of the youth in the seventies. A strong, bold masterpiece that will not be forgotten and will shape watchmaking history!

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