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Reviewing the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf World Time With Red Bezel

“An iteration that features a traditional universal Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) tracker paired with a world time outer ring and rotating bezel denoting 24 global cities”.


One may wonder whether, in a world full of high-tech gadgets, a travel watch like the new Zodiac Super Sea Wolf World Time watch really has a place in today’s society? Well, yes it does actually. There is a strong sense of nostalgia and authenticity about wearing a traditional timepiece that offers a clear and easy format to reference when wanting to track different time zones around the world. There was a time, after all, when dressing up for a flight was normal practice. A smart suit and a glass of champagne would go hand-in-hand with a high-end watch – preferably one that would display all 24 world cities around its bezel.



A world time watch was and still is, a very popular tool to own. Its design is intended to balance practicality with an elegant and high-end aesthetic – qualities that Zodiac gets right with the new red bezel iteration of the Super Sea Wolf World Time watch. At one time, world time watches are only available to those who had plenty of money to throw at the industry, but Zodiac is on a mission to change that.


The new Zodiac Limited Edition Sea Wolf World Time watches are limited to just 500 pieces each and are very reasonably priced. What’s more, they are the spitting image of a popular model from the 1970s, albeit a little larger, measuring a 40mm diameter compared to the earlier 36mm models. That’s pretty standard for today – a travel watch that measures somewhere between 40 and 42mm in diameter. Styles have evolved since then and although our wrists haven’t grown larger, our tastes have. The two new models rock a discreet vintage styling and are clothed in a red or black bezel for effortless time zone hopping on the go. Today we’ll look at the red bezel variation which goes by the reference ZO9410. You can check the spec list out here, but if you want a run-through of its best features, keep reading.



The new Zodiac Limited Edition Sea Wolf World Time watch ZO9410 is primarily a timepiece for travel, but it does suffice as a stylish companion when paired with elegant or sophisticated attire too. Perhaps a boardroom meeting? A wedding reception? Or a day in the office? Despite its potential, the watch is assigned to its use as a world travelling tool predominantly. It exudes an instantly recognisable style, enhanced, of course, by that red brick bezel. The world time watch also offers the main central mounted hour and minute hands complete with a treatment of Super-LumiNova. Zodiac intends these to keep track of local time wherever and whenever that may be. Next, you have a very visible red and white GMT hand that coordinates with a fixed 24-hour scale around the flange. Then, of course, you can align the world time zone of your choice on the bidirectionally rotating bezel with this same 24-hour track on the inner ring and locate all 23 other world cities and their corresponding times at a glance. It may be a simple solution to some of the more advanced horological complications that we see at the top of the watchmaking industry, but it is nonetheless a very intuitive tool with bucket loads of character. The bezel-based design is integrated with 200 meters of water resistance and drafted from robust stainless steel.



The dial of the new red bezel Zodiac Super Sea Wolf World Time watch is characterised by a warm silvery sunburst colour, whilst its black bezel counterpart features a warm putty grey colour. Both remain in keeping with the 70s-inspired aesthetic that Zodiac pays homage to. The features that help it do so include a set of low profile baton indexes, which represent the Super-LumiNova-treated hour markers, plus the hands are squared off for a chunkier finish. The model uses the Soprad C125 Calibre at its engine. The movement beats at 28,800 vibrations per hour and provides a 42-hour power reserve for those occasions away from the wrist. Elongated brushed centre links accompanied by outer links with a stepped profile combine to create an oyster-style stainless steel bracelet to finish this sporty yet practical travel tool watch.


Here’s what Zodiac’s creative director, Ryan White had to say about the models upon their release:


“There is something deeply nostalgic about vintage watches and the art of travelling. When we decided to pull this design from the archives, we wanted to pay homage to the Zodiac designs, and also to the way people travelled when the watch originally launched in 1970. In the ’70s, to travel by plane was truly a luxury—from the way people dressed, sipped cocktails and mingled with other ‘worldly’ passengers if they were lucky enough to visit international destinations. While the convenience of modern-day travel might have caused some of that ‘wanderlust’ feeling to lessen,” White adds, “our team felt that the vintage design of this watch evoked the magic that still exists in travel. We hope wearers feel nostalgic about world travel when times were simpler in the past and that this reminds our community to cherish the modern ability to travel the world.”



The inspiration behind the Super Sea Wolf World Time watch is not just based on a 1970s model developed for similar use, however. It also combines references from even earlier models from the 1850s with its impressive water-resistant solid steel case. Whether you’re attending meetings overseas, travelling for a well-earned holiday or wanting to keep in touch with loved ones living on the other side of the world, the Zodiac World Time watch promises intuitive reading, robustness, and legibility all rolled into one compact and sturdy 40mm design.



As with all world time watches, the key is not to overthink your need to own a watch like this. In a world full of high-tech gadgets like iPhones and smartphones, there will never be anything that beats the authenticity and sense of ownership over a classic timepiece like the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf World Time watch. It keeps accurate time whilst doubling up as a statement piece. The growth of modern technology in recent years has actually done the world of good for the watch industry. If anything, it has highlighted the desire for a mechanical timepiece rather than a need for it, creating a world where both sit side-by-side with one another as opposed to trying to snuff one another out.


Technical specifications of the Zodiac Limited Edition Sea Wolf World Time Red Bezel watch

  • Case: 40mm – stainless steel – bidirectional rotating brick red bezel with 24 world cities – 200-meter water-resistant – anti-reflective sapphire crystal glass front
  • Dial: Silver – sunray – Super-LumiNova-treated hour markers and hands – black 24-hour flange, red and white GMT hand – date window at 3 o’clock
  • Movement; Soprad C125 movement – self-winding – 28,800 v.p.h – 42-hour power reserve
  • Strap: Brushed stainless steel bracelet - folding clasp – engraved with the Zodiac logo
  • Reference; ZO9410
  • Availability: Limited to 500 pieces worldwide
  • Price: £1,499
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